Article: Why The Five Lightbulbs Works

We hear many reasons why our Five Lightbulbs framework resonates with people:

  • It's lighthearted and approachable
  • It's simple
  • It's organic and allows for creativity

And while we love that people enjoy these features of the framework, we're still left with the question: "Why does it work?" In other words, "Why does The Five Lightbulbs work for getting customers?"

Good question.

The answer: belief building. That is, for your customer to purchase, they must have the required beliefs.

We're not talking about religious beliefs or anything like that. Nothing that deeply rooted. We're simply selling products here, so we're talking about lightly-held beliefs. Beliefs people are open to switching if someone were to make a strong argument.

Where did I learn about belief building?

I've written about how the Five Lightbulbs framework was largely inspired by the brilliant copywriter, Eugene Schwartz. I've baked-in a handful of his most potent concepts.

Schwartz was a pioneer in his teachings on belief building. This approach was the key to his (significant) financial success in selling. In fact, to this day, hardly anyone talks about belief building, so you have a real advantage if you use The Five Lightbulbs.

Here's the big question you should ask: "What does my customer need to believe in order to buy?"

Because if your prospects have the required beliefs, they will buy. If they don't, they won't buy. This is a priceless insight because it makes your mission clear: Instill the beliefs.

That's, of course, what The Five Lightbulbs does. And why it works.