About The Five Lightbulbs

The Five Lightbulbs offers you a better way to create your marketing collateral.

No doubt about it: Your business is fueled by words. The words on your website, in your emails, your ads, and heck, even the words you say on a call with a prospect — those words matter.

How well do your words reflect the value you provide?

Because imagine each word you publish as a tiny sales person. Together, they form a sales army. They're out there, working for you. And each of these words can be a bad employee or good.

Are yours doing their job, or slacking?

The Five Lightbulbs gives you a loyal sales army. It gives you messaging that will go into the world and return with your perfect customers. It gives you peace of mind.

Where to start?

If you're in need of high-quality landing page copy, emails, ads, or whatever it may be -- we've got you. 

The best place to start is by learning The Five Lightbulbs framework, which will get you speaking the language. Learning it is free. We don't give you four Lightbulbs and charge for the fifth 😉

Next, decide what level of help you'd like, depending on your budget and frankly -- what you want. Do you want to develop your messaging as part of a class, where you can network and get feedback? Join our cohort-based course. It's also a lower investment.

Would you rather work with someone directly? We have options for that, too. See our Get Help page for more.

About Billy

Hi, I'm Billy Broas, the guy who created The Five Lightbulbs. What started as a teaching tool has now turned into a company.

Our mission is to make it easier to create high-quality marketing material.

I did this for you, the person responsible for marketing and selling your products. Few realize the difficulty of your task. And what you do critical. Without sales rolling in, nothing else in the business moves. Operations, accounting, and customer service grind to a halt. Sales transactions fuel the business.

My background is not in sales and marketing. I'm an introvert who graduated college with a science & technology degree. I was forced to learn how to sell because I wanted to leave my career and do my own thing.

I initially intended The Five Lightbulbs for people like me, non-marketers who were forced to do marketing. I wanted to give people something simple and practical. Now, The Five Lightbulbs has even caught on with elite copywriters.

I hope it makes running your business a little bit easier. You have a great product, and it's time your marketing reflects that.

Want to connect?

If you care to read more about me, head to my personal website.

Even though I'm an introvert, I love meeting new people. I'm not big on social media, but I am on Twitter and check my DMs, so say hi. You can reach me through our website's contact form, too.

Finally, if The Five Lightbulbs has helped you, please share your story. It's extremely rewarding to hear them.

Rooting for you,


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