The Five Lightbulbs framework

The Five Lightbulbs framework tells a story. It's the story of how a prospect becomes a customer. When you map your product messaging to this story and give your customers these five "aha moments," they'll see you as their best option.

Lightbulb 1 - Your Customer's Status Quo

5 Lightbulbs - Lightbulb 1

Lightbulb 1 - Your Customer's Status Quo

It's critical to meet your customer where they are. We call this place their status quo, or their unacceptable status quo.

Lightbulb 1 represents language around the customer's status quo. It's the language of empathy, and of speaking the words that make your customer realize, "This person gets me."

Lightbulb 2 - Other Things They've Tried

Are we the only choice available to our customer? We wish, but if we're honest, the answer is no.

And it'd be a mistake to cover our eyes and pretend those other bridges don't exist.

With The Five Lightbulbs, we speak to those other options. Lightbulb 2 represents language around the other bridges your customer has tried.

Lightbulb 2 - Other Things They've Tried

5 Lightbulbs - Lightbulb 2 - Other Things They've Tried

Lightbulb 3 - Your Approach

5 Lightbulbs - Lightbulb 3 - Your Approach

Lightbulb 3 - Your Approach

Lightbulb 3 is a powerful one. It's the first Lightbulb that focuses on you, the seller, but it doesn't represent your product.

Lightbulb 3 represents your approach. It describes the way you go about solving a particular customer's problem.

Giving voice to Lightbulb 3 is the best way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Lightbulb 4 - Your Offer

Lightbulb 4 is the most straightforward. It represents your product, but we call it your offer.

Your offer includes your product, but there's more to a great offer than the product alone.

Many businesses only speak to their Lightbulb 4, which we call being "stuck in the Lightbulb 4 silo."

Lightbulb 4 - Your Offer

5 Lightbulbs - Lightbulb 4 - Your Offer

Lightbulb 5 - Your Customer's New Life

5 Lightbulbs - Lightbulb 4 - Your Customer's New Life

Lightbulb 5 - Your Customer's New Life

It's important to connect the dots between your product and what it can do for someone.

Lightbulb 5 paints a picture of life after success with your product, on the other side of the bridge.

Neglect this Lightbulb and you might get interest, but not action.

Those are the Five Lightbulbs. Don't let them fool you -- they're simple, but you can spend years peeling back the layers. May they serve you well in your marketing efforts.

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