The Five Lightbulbs framework

The Five Lightbulbs framework reveals an invisible pattern of the human experience.

In marketing, when we map our product messaging to this story, and give our customers these five epiphanies, they get the "aha's" needed to buy.

Lightbulb 1 - Your Customer's Status Quo

Lightbulb 1 - Your Customer's Status Quo

It's critical to meet your customer where they are. Where are they, exactly? We call this place their status quo. Or their unacceptable status quo.

It's a place your customer wants to leave. That point is important; you can't create demand, you can only channel it.

Lightbulb 1 represents the language around the customer's status quo. It's the language of empathy. Of speaking the words that make your customer say, "This person gets me."

Lightbulb 2 - Other Things They've Tried

Are we the only choice available to our customer? 

We'd like to think so, but if we're honest, the answer is no. It'd be a mistake to cover our eyes and pretend other bridges don't exist.

Instead, with The Five Lightbulbs, we don't just acknowledge those other paths -- we speak to them. We make an argument for why those other bridges may or may not work.

Lightbulb 2 represents language around the other bridges your customer has tried.

Lightbulb 2 - Other Things They've Tried

Lightbulb 3 - Your Approach

Lightbulb 3 - Your Approach

Lightbulb 3 is an interesting one. It's the first lightbulb that focuses on you, the product creator. But it doesn't represent your product.

Instead, LB3 represents your approach. It's the way you go about solving a particular customer's problem. It's your strategy, your methodology, or your special ingredient.

Turning on Lightbulb 3 is the best way to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Read more about it in the Deep Dive section below.

Lightbulb 4 - Your Offer

Lightbulb 4 is the most straightforward. You know it well, because Lightbulb 4 represents your product. 

We actually call it your offer, because although it includes the product, there is more to an offer. It's also the risk reduction, pricing terms, how the product is delivered, and any perks or bonuses.

Many businesses only speak to their Lightbulb 4. Now can you see there are other opportunities.

Lightbulb 4 - Your Offer

Lightbulb 5 - Your Customer's New Life

Lightbulb 5 - Your Customer's New Life

It's important to connect the dots between your product and what your product can do for someone.

Lightbulb 5 paints a picture of life on the other side of the bridge, after success with your product. Give them a vision for a better tomorrow.

Those are the Five Lightbulbs! Simple, yet powerful.

To help you remember the framework, you can download the image below. 

Save it on your phone so you have it handy the next time you sit down to create marketing material.

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