Learn The Five Lightbulbs
in Five Minutes

The Five Lightbulbs® framework reveals an invisible structure within marketing. The Lightbulbs themselves represent categories of messaging. These are things you must say if you want turn on the lightbulb in their customer's mind. It works because the Lightbulbs map to the human experience of making a decision.

When we're looking for a change, there are decisions we can make, the decision we choose, the action we take, and the results we achieve. That's The Five Lightbulbs in a nutshell.

We can then map our messaging, our content, proof points, and in fact, all our marketing to this structure. When you do so, and you turn on all the Lightbulbs, you light the path to your product.

Follow Along with the Worksheet

It's time to learn the Lightbulbs. Follow along by downloading the worksheet below. Do you have a great product or service you feel should be getting more sales?  Run it through The Five Lightbulbs and find its winning marketing message.

The Five Lightbulbs Worksheet

Click here to download the PDF worksheet.

Lightbulb 1 - Your Customer's Status Quo

Lightbulb 1 - Your Customer's Status Quo

You need to meet your customer where they are. And where are they, exactly? We call this place their (unacceptable) status quo.

It's a place they want to leave. This point is important: You can't create customer demand, you can only channel it.

Lightbulb 1 represents the language around your customer's status quo. It's the language of empathy. It's speaking the words that make your customer say, "This person really gets me."

Lightbulb 2 - Other Things They've Tried

Are we the only choice available to our customer? 

We may like think so, but if we're honest, the answer is "No." It would be a mistake to cover our eyes and pretend these other bridges don't exist.

Instead, with The 5L process, we don't only acknowledge those other paths, we speak to them. We educate our prospect on why those other bridges may or may not work.

Lightbulb 2 represents language around the other bridges your customer has tried.

Lightbulb 2 - Other Things They've Tried

Lightbulb 3 - Your Approach

Lightbulb 3 - Your Approach

Lightbulb 3 is an interesting one. It's the first one that focuses on you, the seller or company. But it doesn't represent your product.

Instead, it represents your approach. It's the way you go about solving a particular customer's problem.

You can think of it as your strategy, your methodology, or your secret ingredient. Activating Lightbulb 3 is the best way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Lightbulb 4 - Your Offer

Your offer is simply the vehicle for your approach (LB3). It's the most straightforward of all the Lightbulbs.

It includes your product, but the offer is more than just the product. It's the risk reduction, pricing terms, how the product is delivered, and any perks or bonuses.

Many businesses only speak to their Lightbulb 4. If you feel like you're always pitching, that's likely your situation. But now, you see you have other Lightbulbs you could turn on.

Lightbulb 4 - Your Offer

Lightbulb 5 - Your Customer's New Life

Lightbulb 5 - Your Customer's New Life

Lightbulb 5 speaks to the new life awaiting your customer after use of your product.

It answers the question, "What's in it for me?" Many businesses, especially those too close to their product, fail to speak to outcome their product provides. 

Lightbulb 5 ensures you connect the dots between your product and what it does for your customer. Make sure you paint a pleasing picture.

I've provided a quick reference guide below. Save it as an image on your phone so you have it at your fingertips.

A special shoutout to my illustrator, Matt Strieby, for his beautiful work on this project.

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As you can see, you can learn The Five Lightbulbs quickly. At the same time, you're probably sensing there is much depth. You're right. The Five Lightbulbs are like atoms: Simple and small, but you can build anything with them.

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