Finally... A Cure for
Marketing Overwhelm

 Marketing has become far too overwhelming for today's business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers. The Five Lightbulbs® provides relief by giving you a simple yet powerful messaging framework. Use it to finally get a handle on your marketing.

  • Gives customers the "aha's" that lead them to buy
  • Adds structure to your marketing
  • Cranks out marketing material faster

"A Brilliant Construct"

David Garfinkel, Coach to top copywriters

“Billy’s Five Lightbulbs framework allows you to focus on what’s important - and cut out all the crap.”

Lux Narayan, Serial Entrepreneur and TED Speaker

“The Five Lightbulbs is going to revolutionize marketing.”

Erin-Ashley Kerti, Founder, Spiritual Mechanic

Ready to enter the world of The Five Lightbulbs?

Learn the framework through a fun and memorable metaphor. Just a word of warning: Once you see The Lightbulbs, you can't unsee them.

About the Founder

Meet Billy Broas, the creator of The Five Lightbulbs

Billy got into marketing in 2010, when he left his career at an engineering company to start his own business on the internet.

Since then, Billy has been the marketing brains behind some of the top online entrepreneurs and course creators. His clients include David Perell, Tiago Forte, Kimberly Snyder, and Ryan Deiss.

An introverted intellectual, and definitely not a "natural marketer," Billy saw an opportunity to create a tool for anyone who wears a marketing hat.

Read more about Billy's story here.

"After 10 years in the marketing space, I’ve come to learn that the loudest voices often have the least to say; all while the low-key badasses master their craft and achieve whiskey-clink wins behind closed doors.

That’s Billy.

He delivers Carl Sagan level genius with James Dean level cool."

Ry Schwartz, Copywriter and instructor for Copyhackers

"I built Write of Passage on the back of Billy’s wisdom. For years, he was my #1 marketing advisor, and the course wouldn’t be where it is today without him."

David Perell, Founder of Write of Passage

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