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Create your marketing material according to The Five Lightbulbs® framework and never look back. It's helping businesses everywhere find the perfect words to describe their products.

  • Gives customers the "aha!" moments they need to make a purchase
  • Adds structure to your marketing
  • Leads to higher ROI content marketing

Billy's Five Lightbulbs framework will transform your marketing in ways you can’t even imagine.

Stephan Spencer, coauthor of The Art of SEO

A Brilliant construct

David Garfinkel, world-renowned copywriting coach

Billy’s Five Lightbulbs framework allows you to focus on what’s important - and cut out all the crap.

Lux Narayan, entrepreneur and TED Speaker

The Five Lightbulbs is going to revolutionize marketing.

Erin-Ashley Kerti, Founder, Spiritual Mechanic

Ready to enter the world of The Five Lightbulbs?

Learn the framework through a fun and memorable metaphor. Just a word of warning: Once you see The Lightbulbs, you can't unsee them.

About Billy

Meet Billy Broas, the creator of The Five Lightbulbs

At 29, Billy left a career in the energy industry to run his beer brewing website full time. He quickly realized he must learn marketing.

Billy dove in headfirst and was inspired. Always a curious person, he was thrilled to find that marketing allowed him to study the most interesting topic of all: people.

He saw that just like in real life, the most important thing in marketing is how you communicate with people.
So while most in marketing were focused on software, hacks, and tactics, Billy focuses on what mattered most: the words and images needed to convey meaning to customers.

You can read more about Billy here.

After 10 years in the marketing space, I’ve come to learn that the loudest voices often have the least to say; all while the low-key badasses master their craft and achieve whiskey-clink wins behind closed doors.

That’s Billy.

He delivers Carl Sagan level genius with James Dean level cool.

Ry Schwartz, Copywriter and instructor for Copyhackers

I built Write of Passage on the back of Billy’s wisdom. For years, he was my #1 marketing advisor, and the course wouldn’t be where it is today without him.

David Perell, Founder of Write of Passage

Billy's Blog

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