The Cobbler

Here’s a word you don’t hear much these days: cobbler.

No, not cobbler as in that scrumptious apple cobbler I could eat for days. I mean cobbler as in the profession — someone who repairs shoes.

Nice old-fashioned word, isn’t it?

Anyways, I’ll never forget the first time I visited a cobbler…

I was hanging out with my girlfriend, and with this goofy grin on my face, said to her:

Guess what I’m doing tomorrow morning? I’m visiting the cobbler.”

That invited a major eye roll in return

But I didn’t care. I was excited to head to the cobbler the next day. I had to go.

Just the day before, while homebrewing, I brewed a batch of my favorite oatmeal stout. Well, some of that beautiful (but stain-inducing) black liquid splashed all over my nice boots. I probably shouldn’t have been wearing them while I brewed, but oh well.

Lesson learned, and off to the cobbler I went

There was an older man behind the counter. He moved slowly, clearly no longer in his cobbling prime. I was skeptical he could get the stain out.

I asked him: “Think it’s possible to remove the stain?” I’ll never forget his response. He lifted his head from the boots and looked me in the eyes. Raising his bushy eyebrows, he smiled and said in a Dumbledore-esque voice…

“My boy, in here, anything’s possible.”

That was all I needed to hear! 

“Cobbler’s got this.”

I walked out of his shop with confidence, knowing I was in good hands. I had an expert working on the problem and had no need to worry.

You want to give your customers and clients that feeling, too. They’re going to walk in your door with all sorts of anxieties. They’ll have all sorts of “stains” which need removing.

Make sure they leave your shop knowing they’re in good hands.

Author: Billy Broas