Ad Spotlight: Nugget Shoe Shine

21 January, 2023

Gotta love this magazine ad for shoe polish. It’s a Lightbulb #5 ad, showing the possibilities of the product, but showing those possibilities in a clever* way.

What are the possibilities with your product that people might not expect?

*If you’re struggling with this one…the student’s shoes are so shiny he can read his cheat sheet in their reflection.

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Billy Broas

Billy is the founder of The Five Lightbulbs®.

He got into marketing his late 20's, when he left his career at an engineering company to run his online business. He’s consulted on messaging to top entrepreneurs, including Tiago Forte, Ryan Deiss, and Leila Gharani.

Billy lives in San Diego with his wife, their two children, and an abundance of tasty Mexican food.

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