Get help implementing The Five Lightbulbs

Dear business owner,

The Five Lightbulbs introduces a new way of doing marketing. It’s simple, enjoyable, and powerful.

You can use the framework on your own, but many business owners and marketers want help. That's what this page is for. From cohort-based courses to copywriting, I offer a variety of options.

Read below to find what's best for you.

- Billy

Do It Yourself

Our DIY program is the best place to start. It's called The Five Lightbulbs Method.

You'll pick a product or service, run it through the process, and upgrade its messaging. This option is a good step #1 because it's self-paced and our most affordable option.

However, if you're looking for direct feedback on your marketing, the below options can help.

Done With You

As the name implies, with this option I don't do the work for you -- but I help you out. You can choose to either join a group of other smart business owners in our cohort-based course. Or, if you'd like a private experience, we can do a private workshop for you and your team.

Cohort-Based Course
The cohort-based course has the unique advantage of getting many trained eyes on your messaging before you deploy it publicly.

Inside our cohort-based course, you’ll run your product through the Lightbulbs with a group of other business owners. Each week, you'll meet on Zoom and work on your next assignment. You'll walk away with an upgraded, distinct message for your product. Plus the web pages, emails, ads, and other marketing material to get it out into the world.

The cohort is a great option if you enjoy connecting with other business owners. Our participants create tight bonds and we have a strong alumni community.

The name of our cohort-based course is Keystone. Follow that link for more details.

Private Workshop
Want our help but don’t want to join a cohort? With this option, I come to you. Your workshop can be done over Zoom or in person — your choice. Reach out and ask for more information about team training.

Done for You

If you have the budget and would rather just hand off the work, I can help.

Copywriting is my specialty, which isn't too surprising since The Five Lightbulbs is a messaging framework.

My copywriting services can upgrade your product launch, sales page, or website redesign. If it requires words, I can make those words sell.

Reach out to ask about my copywriting services.

I'm also available for consulting on a limited basis. The big things I can help you with are:

  • Revamping your product messaging
  • Implementing The Five Lightbulbs to attract more customers and make marketing easier
  • Developing a strong Lightbulb #3 (i.e. your unique approach)

You have two options for hiring me

1) Book a VIP Day 
2) Hire me on retainer (Currently Full)

Send Laura a message through our contact form for availability. Please plan ahead my schedule is booked months out.

Not sure what you need?

No worries. Reach out, tell us your situation, and we’ll point you in the right direction.