“I want to outsource my marketing”

“I want to outsource my marketing.”

Oh boy. When I hear these words, I know the entrepreneur I’m speaking with is in for an uphill battle. You can outsource many things in your business, but marketing is not one of them.

That’s like saying, “I want to outsource my breathing.”

I mean, you can outsource your marketing. But it’s a terrible strategy. One that will likely drive your business into a hole.

You can outsource marketing activities. You can hire an agency to create Facebook ads, do graphic design, and maybe even write emails for you.

But riddle me this…

  • Who creates the marketing strategy the Facebook agency is following?
  • How is that agency employee supposed to know the everyday struggles your prospect deals with, which takes a ton of market research?
  • Do they know your core values?
  • Do they know who the enemy is?
  • Do they know what you’re fighting for?
  • Are they able to recognize when someone isn’t a good fit for your product?

I could write 100 more.

​Point is, these decisions need to be made internally, not externally. Even giant companies like Coca-Cola have an internal marketing department.

Marketing is woven into the DNA of your business. You can’t remove marketing from the business without killing it.

Outsource marketing activities. Never marketing.

About the Author

Billy Broas

Billy is the founder of The Five Lightbulbs®.

He got into marketing his late 20's, when he left his career at an engineering company to run his online business. He’s consulted on messaging to top entrepreneurs, including Tiago Forte, Ryan Deiss, and Leila Gharani.

Billy lives in San Diego with his wife, their two children, and an abundance of tasty Mexican food.